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Nippard suggests that reps should last between two to eight seconds for maximum muscle growth.

Looking for a full body workout but still deciding which exercises to choose? Fitness promoters Is Tennyson again Jeff Nippard work together to highlight i best exercises for each muscle group.

Best Practice Terms

Nippard uses three methods when choosing the best exercises for a muscle group:

  • High Tension & Stretch: He believes that muscles need resistance during stretching to work.
  • Exercise Should Feel Good: Exercise should be painless and fluid, targeting muscles rather than strengthening joints.
  • Overload Possibilities: Gradually increasing weights and reps in training is essential for progression.

Check out the above exercises as covered in a video published on Nippard’s YouTube channel on March 21, 2024, below:

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Best Leg Exercises

The quadriceps, glutes, and calves are some of the most important muscles in your lower body when it comes to building a balanced body. Below are Nippard’s suggestions for maximizing their growth:

Smith Machine Squats

Smith machine squats primarily target the quads and glutes. Nippard suggests doing half-length reps that focus on increasing the quads to improve the efficiency of the movement.

Tennyson says this method, which lacks rest at the top, is more challenging than exercises that use a full range of motion. A European Journal of Sports Science Research confirms the benefits of long muscle training for increased hypertrophy. (1)

Nippard explains why Romanian deadlifts(RDLs) are ineffective at targeting the hamstrings. The three heads get bigger and narrower as you come up like you would in an RDL, Nippard said. But there is only one head that does not cross the hip joint, so how can it work during RDL? They don’t know.

Leg Curls

The effectiveness of leg curlsis due to the full involvement of the hamstring, but Nippard prefers the seated variation. He mentions the advantage of the first position, which stretches the front of the hamstrings.

Nippard refers to a study comparing seated and lying leg curls, showing how the seated version promotes greater muscle hypertrophy in the hamstrings. (2) Additionally, Nippard suggests leaning forward during the exercise increases its impact, as long as the position remains comfortable.

Best Chest Exercises

Nippard suggests that three sets are enough for most lifters to see noticeable improvement in the pectoral muscles.

You probably get about 60 percent of your maximum growth potential in just three sets.

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Barbell Incline Bench Press & Cable Chest Fly

Nippard highlights the incline press as a key exercise for upper pec development. Citing a 2020 study, Nippard points out that both the incline and decline bench press equally engages the middle and lower pecs; the incline press specifically develops the upper chest. (3)

In addition, Nippard promotes a 45-degree free weight incline press for its higher load capacity compared to its Smith machine counterpart.

Nippard recommends improving the chair position of the cable fly to enable a deep stretch, effectively channeling tension directly into the chest. He recommends doing one set to failure when engaging in repetitive exercises.

Best BackExercise

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Nippard combines vertical and horizontal traction in the rear performance. For straight pulls, he suggests using pulldowns or pull-ups. He recommends rows, especially chest-supported rows, for added stability and active coordination in the back.

Chest Supported Row & Pull Down

Nippard advises allowing the back to round slightly below the line to allow the scapula to retract. This position allows for the strongest contraction when pulling the weights by pressing the scapulae together.

Nippard commented on the grip variations:

Nippard usually does eight to 12 reps of pull-ups and recommends slow focus.

Anything between two to eight seconds of total rep length is fine as long as you control the eccentric.

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Best Shoulder Exercises

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Cable Lateral Raise & Reverse Peck Deck With Twist

Nippard suggests that adjusting the cable to the level of the hand can improve the flexibility of the lateral raise. Nippard recommends positioning yourself on the pec deck and reaching across to reach deep to hit the often-neglected rear delts.

Best Arm Exercises

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Bayesian Cable Curl & Overhead Cable Triceps Extension

Nippard recommends adjusting the cable to reach the waist when performing Bayesian cable curls to train the biceps in a stretched position.

In Nippard, the upper cycle that targets the long head of the triceps is correct due to the position of the shoulder. Raising the head long improves the appearance of the tricep in the back and contributes to a more prominent output during the position of the front biceps.

Cable Kickback

Per Nippard, the overhead position does not help triceps contraction. Conversely, cable kicks can achieve high compression.


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